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Method X - the first unique human character recognition system
Method X is based on a complex algorithm for calculating a person’s character, the deep features of personality and stable long-term habits. A person is able to change over time, but there are fundamental characteristics that are given at the time of birth and accompany people whole their lives. They have a significant impact on motives of actions and behavior, determine the life path. It is these characteristics that Method X calculates.
Method X system has been in development for over 10 years
The scientific team of parapsychologists worked on the creation of the system. We analyzed a huge sample of respondents, more than 10 thousand people, in order to identify common patterns in their character, personality type and fate. Information was considered in retrospect of the last 100 years, so it was possible to use the data not at the current moment, but to trace the influence of the individual throughout their lives. We generalized the obtained results and developed a calculation algorithm based on basic information about a person with 80-100% accuracy.
Sergey Tsyvenkov
Founder of Method X
My name is Sergey, and I welcome you to my Method X app.

A few years ago I didn’t even think that I would create something similar, but I always had questions which I could not answer for myself ... for example: why it is uncomfortable to be for a long time in the company of my parents while being a loving and beloved son. Why my ex-wife and I could not carry our dizzy love through life. Why my best childhood friend always envied me and did not help in a critical situation. Why sometimes there was no reciprocal support. How to protect yourself from unscrupulous business partners.

I always measured people by my own standards, and that was my main misconception.

All this served as an occasion to create my own system for recognizing the nature and behavior of people. It is up to you to decide whether they are good or bad, smart or stupid. My method will help you figure out the rest. Even without meeting a new acquaintance, you will already understand who is in front of you - a very gullible person or an excellent manipulator. You will be able to find out who in your social circle is a logician, who seeks to gain everyone’s attention and suffers from its lack, who has a strong will and is able to successfully exercise power, and who should not be empowered. Understand why someone has been acting like a child all their life, and someone was mature and wise since childhood. You will easily recognize optimists and pessimists. And quite lot of other things. Each characteristic is like a complete puzzle and reflects up to 90% of the basic traits of any personality.

Knowing your character, you will easily find your own kind, it will be easy for you to coexist with them, and simply understand and accept others who not like you. But it is important to remember that there are exceptions in everything, and you must not take too literally what you see / hear, because the world is multifaceted! Reading the characteristics will not take much time, and you will not need to grasp the meaning of unfamiliar words - everything is written in a simple and accessible language! Wish you happiness and the best of luck!

Know yourself
Understand your close one
Learn compatibility
Plan Matching
Check stranger
Choose employee
Know yourself
Understand your close one
Learn compatibility
Plan your matchmaking
Check a stranger
Choose a perfect employee
Look at yourself from the other side - get your own psychological portrait. This will help to better understand the inner world, the motives of behavior and actions. You will understand in which direction you should move, which profession is preferable and how to build relationships with others. You will be able to develop the positive aspects and strengths, and, on the contrary, level out the flaws and destructive hobbies.
Really get to know your parents with Method X. Discover their deepest motives and long-standing habits, just to accept them. Unfortunately, parents cannot be changed, but we can see their weaknesses and build relationships, considering them.
Method X will help you see your child’s true inclinations and talents that need to be developed. Having understood your children, you will allow them to choose a right path in their lives. You will not be tormented by doubts whether you are doing the right thing, because you will know for sure what is important for your child and what is not.
The Method X system calculates partners compatibility and determines the style of relationships. Compatibility is considered as a percentage from 20% to 100%. The higher the value, the more people fit together. Relations can be calm like a calm surface of a lake, or they can be stormy like a storm at sea. A tip for what they will be in your union is the waves inside the heart icon.
Each pair has its own model of success - a type of partners behavior in which the union will be successful. Method X recommends a success model, so you can adjust your communication with each other to create the perfect family.
Dating sites advise you to first meet in a neutral territory - in a park or on the street, in order to assess how comfortable people are in communicating. Sometimes at first glance it’s clear that there’s nothing to talk about. This means that the Matches wasted their time in correspondence and organizing a meeting. The Method X system will solve this problem, and you will no longer have to guess what kind of person you will meet on a date. Become an advanced user of dating sites and immediately find the person who is right for you for friendship, romance or love.
Sometimes a person seems reliable, and a deal is profitable, but in fact it is not. As a rule, we have to rely on intuition to decide what to do in atypical situations. Should I make a prepayment to a smiling seller from the internet? Should I lend money to a charming man from the parent committee? Should I hire a polite neighbor from the first floor as a nanny?
Method X will help you understand whether or not to trust a stranger, and sometimes whether it is necessary to communicate. Check the stranger through the system, so as not to risk money, nerves, health, and sometimes life.
They did not come up with probationary period in vain - during this time the manager will have to understand how good the employee is not only as a specialist, but also reliable as a person. This time can be reduced if you get a psychological dossier of a person at the interview stage. You can check the entire pool of candidates at once to invite the most suitable one to work. This will increase recruitment efficiency and reduce recruiting costs.
It is now possible to work with personnel without an HR director. With Method X, you'll learn how to educate and retain key employees. You will be able to understand their true intentions, find out ambitions and motivation, and create effective levers of personnel management.
Check a person
Understand your close one
Learn compatibility
Plan your matchmaking
Check a stranger
Choose a perfect employee
Method X
The Perfect Solution
Easy to use
You do not need to test a person for several hours or calculate the position of the Sun, just know the basic information.
Saves time and money
Psychologists, detectives, or many years of communication help to get to know a person, but all this is expensive. The check price in Method X is very low.
Protects from troubles
Method X determines the propensity of a person to lie, fraud, misconduct. You will be warned in advance of a possible danger and will be able to protect yourself.
The received data amazes users
Our goal - to create a product that you like to use every day. That is why we are constantly working on method X, to make it better.
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Maxim Mizinov
100% working method
January 14, 2020
need to fine-tune, but overall cool!
December 26, 2019
Elena Dashkova
Interesting and useful application! You can test a person in any sphere of life and prevent a mistake, both in personal life and in business. Checked already several people and the result was 100%! You can also learn more about your child, his inner world, and choose the right approach to him in a given situation. It cool!
January 23, 2020
Checking in Method X is not expensive!
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